IT Management for Manufacturing
2011-2012 - TØL4051 - 10sp

Anbefalt forkunnskap

TØL4021 Lean Leadership and Organization

Forventet læringsutbytte

After completing the course, the student is supposed to

- have knowledge about the fundamentals in requirement engineering and management and its functions

- have knowledge about the effects of IT strategies on the manufacturing organization
- have knowledge about specific IT related to manufacturing

- communicate results and conclusions both oral and written with the discussion of knowledge and arguments which these are based on

- manage, organize and structure development and maintenance of IT infrastructure
- evaluate and suggest IT platforms and infrastructures regarding to organizational strategic goal and business benefits
- identify and analyze key components in a manufacturing organizations IT platform and IT infrastructure

- describe the role of IT-systems and IT management have in manufacturing organizations
- be aware how decisions about IT and management affects individuals, groups and organization

Emnets temaer

  • IS/IT management
  • Strategies for IS infrastructure
  • Requirements Engineering and Management
  • Sociotechnical aspects
  • Context awarene

Pedagogiske metoder


Pedagogiske metoder (fritekst)

Lectures, presentations, tutorials, paper writing

Pedagogical use of web conferences

Streaming, recording and publishing of lectures




Essay, value quality on final paper


Bokstavkarakterer, A (best) - F (ikke bestått)


2 internal examiners

Utsatt eksamen (tidl. kontinuasjon)

New deadline for improved paper

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

Participation in 60% of oral presentations or through internet


Galliers, B. and Leidner, D.E. Eds. “Strategic Information Management – Challenges and Strategies in Managing Information Systems” 4th ed. 2009. Routledge.

Collection of articles and book chapters